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Stress Busters

Posted by: Marcelle

Stress, that never ending pressure that eventually gets to all of us.  And the causes of stress, well, it boils down to two things, Love or Money.  I mean, what else is there?

But no matter the cause, we all need

Stress Busters

So here are a few ideas to cope with stress:

  • Loud Music while punching the air.  Don’t believe this?  Try it!
  • Cup of Tea. Sometimes we just need a few minutes to pull ourselves together.
  • Do Something Physical. That’s right, do anything physical such as yard work, cleaning up the house, working on your car.  Take your mind off of your worries for a while.
  • Cross Your Ankles and then close your eyes and with hands folded together, focus on your stress.  That’s right, focus on your little voices that won’t shut up.  Let them talk and talk and talk until they run out of things to say.

Please share with us your ideas on how you cope with stress, whatever the cause.

Although this is a very brief post, going on and on doesn’t add anything to what the above information gives.  So give it a try, it’s fast, powerful.

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