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Synchronicity and Coincidence

Posted by: Marcelle

Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist, in the 1920s coined the term Synchronicity.  To put it as simply as possible, it is when two or more events happen together in a meaningful way. There are so many examples of this happening that I won’t take your time  to give one.  They are so common that we stop seeing them for what they are.  Meaningful coincidences that happen to you could be described as your manifesting abilities. That’s right, you are manifesting all these meaningful coincidence in your life.  And that is the power of manifesting.

Synchronicity and Coincidence

The Power of Manifesting

Now you can say that this is all nonsense, and just call all these events coincidences.  In fact that is what most people do.  But consider the power of realizing that there is “something” happening and that you have an influence. And once you realize that somehow, you are part of the process, you can start to make “meaningful coincidences” happen on purpose.  And that’s how you start to manifest your life! Or you can keep on doing what the vast majority of people do.  And that is manifest their lives unconsciously and without any direction.  This is when coincidences seem to happen, but nothing really comes from it.  Unfortunately this is what the masses do.  Totally oblivious to what life is presenting them.  Or to paraphrase Winston Churchill ; ” People occasionally stumble upon great truths in their life.  And most pick themselves up and carry on as thought nothing ever happened to them: Want to bring more synchronicity into your life?  Then try thinking outside the box, and give us a try. Tony Brunelle

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