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Making a Better Vitamin

Posted by: Marcelle

Some people think that a multivitamin is a multivitamin.  That all are relatively the same.  I used to think so and in that scenario, cheaper is better.  Of course all that changed when I learned how to muscle test and discovered that some vitamins are better absorbed than others.

While all the vitamin manufactures have been doing their best to come up with an effective vitamin that is actually absorbed by the body, their scientists ignored what are called PHYTONUTRIENTS. These are chemicals that are in foods that cause a blue berry to be blue and that cause that garlic smell in a clove of garlic.  But the scientific world didn’t know what they did.  And so we threw them out and ignored them.

Until recently that is.

PhytoNutrients are the Missing Link

With research, it is being revealed that phytonutrients actually have a use after all.  And it is now estimated that there are over 10,000 different phytonutrients in our foods.  And that these chemicals, these previously ignored and rejected chemicals can have profound effects on such things as your metabolism, even on cancer.

And now we finally have received our first batch of a new multivitamins that are full of these wonderful magical chemicals.  PhtoMulti from Metagenics.  We will get it on our website ASAP, but in the meanwhile, ask to be tested next time you are in the office.  Or call Karen to get your own. 613-592-8100



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