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Sometimes You Need an Expert

Posted by: Marcelle

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!  We all know that but every now and then, we need to get a reminder about it.

I tried updating my web site, all by myself and something went wrong.  Don’t know what.  If I knew what, I guess it wouldn’t have gone wrong, or at least I could have fixed it.

But something went wrong.

And after a week of trying to correct the problem, I finally swallowed my pride and phoned GoDaddy to ask for help.  And I talked to Mike who listened to my problems and then helped me restore a previous days site that they automatically save on their computers.

Oh happy day.  In my mind, Mike is truly a giant among men.  We got it back and all is well.

Love you guys at GoDaddy.  Keep up the great work.

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