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How Long Do You Want To Live?

Posted by: Marcelle

Just had this conversation with a few people and it seems that the “politically correct” answer is to say that you want to live to 100 or even more.  Hollywood certainly seems obsessed with youth, just take a look at Madonna and just think of how hard she must work, not to mention what she is taking and doing to her body to stay young.  And then there is Chere.  Enough said.

Of course, those who say they want to live to  100 always add conditions to it.  “As long as I have my health”, “As long as I have money”, “As long as am able to enjoy life”.  There are always conditions added on it seems.

And then there is the other camp that comes up with a number, say 75 years.  They say that they don’t want the indignity of living to 100 all alone in some nursing home.  We all know what they are talking about.

CBC news did a story on this exact question, and the answer, put together by a financial company is 92 years.

“This brings us back to the factors that people cited for living to age 92. If you can …  having loving family and friends, and having meaningful purpose in life — you’ll be motivated to take care of your health and financial resources.”

So here is the question of the day.

  1. How long do you want to live?
  2. What are you doing about it?


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