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Slip Sliding Away

Posted by: Marcelle

I was working with a client from the Ultimate Wake Up the other day and things are happening.  Big things, like life-time goals.  So I guess this post is about going after our life-time goals.

If  it was easy to reach your goals, then everyone would be living the dream.

There is a song by  Paul Simon called, Slip Sliding Away that has the lyrics,

“You know, the nearer your destination,
the more you’re slip sliding away”.

And that seems to be what happens to us when we start to get near to a “Big Goal”, a life time desire.  We have always dreamed of it, and that was safe.  It is always more comfortable to do something next year, isn’t it?  But when we put the gears in motion, when we start to actually make changes, the more we seem to find obstacles to stop us.

It’s all about our Comfort Zone.  We like to be comfortable and that is all there is to it.

Your Comfort Zone – Get Over It!

You have to REALLY want your Big Goal, and when you finally want it more than your comfort zone, that’s when a tipping point occurs. So listen to Paul Simon sing Slip Sliding Away and then share your experiences on achieving Big Goals.

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