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What’s Your No-Fail Mood-Booster?

Posted by: Marcelle

What do you do to give yourself a boost, no matter how down you may be feeling?

Getting out of the house, into the sunshine sure works for me.  Today, with the winter sun shinning brightly over Ottawa, it just feels so good to get outside and enjoy it.

I discovered a long time ago that either you hate winter and then hunker down and wait 4 months for it to end or you do something about it.

We, as a family decided to do something about it years ago and the whole family learned how to ski.  There is this great little ski hill just 30 minutes from our house called Mt. Pakenham, and it is an incredible family oriented hill that is perfect to learn on.

Sunshine is my Mood Booster!

And speaking of doing something about your mood in the winter, for those in Ottawa, check out our winter carnival, Winterlude.

So, that said, what do you d0 to Boost Your Mood?

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