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Overweight Teenage Bullies

Posted by: Marcelle

We all know about bullying, if not from personal experience, then from the press.  And now the National Press is reporting on a study done at Queen’s University in Kingston that has found that “obese teenage girls are three times more likely to be bullies than the slimmer girls in their class”.

And when you think about it, it makes sense.  Just think of how our society idolizes the thin and lean, especially when it comes to women.  And then realize how persecuted the obese are, again, especially women.

Sign of a Misogynistic Society?

One hit to their self-esteem after another.  From TV shows and ads to magazines to the comments by the DJ’s on the drive to work radio stations.  Being fat, or should I say, being overweight, is not fun.  Even if you are one of the “In” kids, you are still left out when it comes to mingling with members of the opposite sex.  And it hurts.  Big time.

And with our diet in North America based on such foods as sugar, the lack of exercise that now predominates our life the situation isn’t getting better.  And the cost of this will start to affect all of us as the health care system, funded by our taxes is now trying to cope with all the health issues that obese people are developing.


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