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New Era in Chiropractic Care – Impulse Adjusting

Posted by: Marcelle

Gentle Chiropractic Care

Where do I start? It’s not often that I get excited about something but this is one of those times.
So let’s be real. Many people are hesitant about getting a chiropractic adjustment to help with their headaches, back pain, migraines and more. And that is a real shame because Chiropractic Works, the Results Prove It!

For the last number of years Dr. Marcelle Forget and myself have been using the Activator adjusting instrument to remove subluxations in peoples spines.  And it works, but it is quite stressful on our wrists as there is a recoil from this tool that goes into our hands.

And the sore wrists we experienced were the motivating factor to start a search to find a better way to help people without hurting ourselves.  And we found it.  It is called the Impulse Adjusting Instrument.  This is just too cool.  It has a micro chip that measures the pressure on the skin, can  be controlled to be the same force as the old Activator tool, can go lighter or stronger and has a pulse option.

What is the pulse option?  The Impulse Adjusting Instrument pulses at a set frequency that is designed to cause the ligaments and local muscles to relax.

Bottom line, this is the:

“Gentlest & Most Effective Chiropractic Adjusting Tool Ever”.

We love it and our patients who have experienced this love it.  No more “cracking the joints” that gives some people the shivers.  This is the 21 Century and we are living it large.

On your next visit, ask to see this amazing tool.  For those who aren’t able to come to our chiropractic clinic, ask your chiropractor if they use the Impulse.

Dr. Tony Brunelle, D.C.


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