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Sugar is Toxic !

Posted by: Marcelle

PC090409-300x225Sugar, that staple of our modern diet is actually a very toxic substance.  Who would have thought?  Isn’t it one of  the major food groups?  Lets see, there is meat, vegetables, fruit, dairy and sugar.  I’m pretty sure it goes like that. A popular New York Times article – Is Sugar Toxic? is presenting a totally new, and out of left field revelation to many people.  It suggests that

Sugar is Toxic !

What a novel thought, that putting sugar on your “Capt’n Crunch” cereal may not be a good idea.  I can remember as a kid eating this and  other sugar enhanced cereals and adding sugar to it just to make sure it stayed sweet until the end.  And then you got to drink the left over milk from the bottom of the bowl and man, what a sugar rush that would be.  Woo Hoo!

And now some upstart has come along to say that sugar may not be good for me?  Excuse Me!  I was raised on sugar, it is what gave me energy, right?  That’s what it said on the sugar containers, that’s what we believed.

So listen up. If you actually believe that sugar is good for you, it is time to get a reality check.  The days of Father Knows  Best and Leave It To Beaver are gone.  We know a lot more about such things as the carcinogenic effects of cigarettes, and the price we pay for a high sugar diet.

And in fact, not only is sugar toxic, but it comes to us in  so many disguised forms that it is a shock to most people when they find out the awful truth.  From diabetes, to tooth decay to obesity and so much more, there is no excuse not to be informed.



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