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Lack of Focus

Posted by: Marcelle

I had a client come in to see me the other day.  This fellow is a high paid lawyer who works for the upper echelons on Parliament Hill here in Ottawa, Ontario.  And when you work for the powers that be, whether in the Prime Minister’s office or one of the mandarins, you have to produce.

And you have to be sharp!  Like a razor blade, your mind has to be functioning with all cylinders firing.

And here was this fellow telling me that he couldn’t focus.  “I can read the same page over and over again and I can’t remember a thing I just read” he told me.

Lack of Focus  or  Brain Fog

My term for this condition is “Brain Fog”, but the symptoms are the same.  And as to the cause, well it could be aging but more often it is a sign of a toxic body.  That’s right, a toxic body.  And whether it is from food allergies, parasites or a faulty digestive system, once you fix the problem, you go right back to normal.

We all know how good it feels when you get your windshield of your car cleaned.  We never really notice how it slowly gets dirtier and dirtier.  But when some gas station attendant cleans it (or in my case, I clean it at the gas station while my wife points out the dirt specks), you feel noticeably better, that warm fuzzy feeling just seems to come over you.

And that is what happened to my lawyer friend.  Fixed his problem and his mind came back into focus, within days actually.


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