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losing control is easy to do

Posted by: Marcelle

There’s nothing like an exploding volcano to remind a person about control, or rather the allusion of control. Life doesn’t rotate around our interests – life is LIFE; it’s too huge to express! So then, what is under your control? Here are a couple ideas to get you thinking.

  • Perception: Glass half full, glass half empty. Many experiences are defined through perception. The way you perceive the world will have a direct influence on your mood, your progress, and your way of life. Perception is under your control, even if it needs to be reconditioned occasionally.
  • Action: Are you reactive or proactive? Do you take high roads or get down in the gutter. Every choice made requires you to act, even if all you do is make a decision – that is an action. And guess what? Actions have ripple effects. Be aware of your actions and keep this in mind: how you act today will ripple on into tomorrow.

These two ideas can colour your world.

Volcanoes may erupt, airlines may shut down, and the world could stop: it’s all out of your hands. But remember, what isn’t ‘out of your hands’ is how you perceive and react to these challenges.

Life can pack a wallop and sometimes it’s impossible to duck, but how you manage the blow is equally important. While things are not always in our control, other things are. Keep that in mind and do the best that you can.

Good luck to everyone who is travelling and stuck away from home. Another thing in our control is the ability to send positive intention. We’ll be thinking good thoughts, and hope it helps one way or another.  Here is a good website for staying updated.

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