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Does Organization Mean Success?

Posted by: Marcelle

“Organization is the key to success. ”

Yes.  Right. Very good . . .  Umm . . .  Psst. Over here. Psst.

Is there some back door I can slip through instead? Are all the doors to success locked with the organization key; there must be a service entrance?

I’m terrible at organizing.  My efforts start off fine: I can make a to-do list, tidy up my closet, and arrange my business agenda for the upcoming week . . . but leave all this alone a few days and it soon reverts to chaos.

Why? Because life is fast. It’s full of changes, full of plans and things can flip themselves upside down without notice. Expect the unexpected: an employee quits, your car tire explodes, the kids are sick. Suddenly there’s no time for planning and putting things back where they belong.

And yet, even when life threatens to spin out of control, having a clear path and a clean room can be the very lifesaver we need.  Organization can offer reassurance that things will work out; it can offer moments of peace in a busy day, and most importantly: Organization gives a sense of control.

Without that control your business and lifestyle – like any car on the road – can veer off in dangerous directions.

Some of you are probably excellent organizers, maybe it’s even how you earn a living. I’d love to hear your tips for putting life in order because as a naturally disorganized individual I really need to invest time and effort into keeping things straight.

But I manage.  Everyone must manage to some extent – otherwise how can people find clean clothes every morning?
Here’s an idea on how to stay organized, but I’d also love to hear your thoughts too.

For me, organization is directly linked to accountability.

I must be accountable to my wife and family when creating a mess at home. I must be accountable to my clients when working towards a deadline.  I must be accountable to myself when ensuring I have free time.  Actually, I’m accountable to myself in all the projects I adopt, but having outside support is important.

If I step out of line these accountability partners will help set me straight. Often, simply knowing there are expectations is enough to have me stop, review, and then proceed.

Do you think organization is the key to success? How do you achieve an organized life? Do you disagree with the statement? Any great tips to share with others?

We’d love to have your opinion. Please leave a comment in the box below.

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