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Posted by: Marcelle

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We are excited – very excited – to officially ‘cut the ribbon’ on our Awakening PotentialsTM Blog.
Discussion, connection, sharing ideas: this is where it’ll be happening.
Keep tuned and join the journey.
Each week the Awakening PotentialsTM team, namely Dr Marcelle and (Click Title to Read More) Dr Tony, will be sharing their thoughts on a variety of topics. We’ll be alternating perspectives between success and health, and hopefully provide well-rounded ideas that’ll launch you into action.

Whether it’s reading, responding, or going out and testing our theories – we hope to deliver a blog that’ll become an essential part of your weekly routine.

Let’s get started!

We want to hear from you, and to encourage this we’re offering a great opportunity.

This is open to anyone, whether you’re an experience client or new to our service. In fact, why not pass this link to a friend, family or co-worker? Get them in on a good thing.

It’s easy to win. There’s no competition!

Here’s what you do. Share a moment of success in the blog comment box. This can be big or small, from getting out of bed in the morning, experiencing an ‘ah ha’ realization, or seeing your dreams put into action.

Once you make the comment, Click Here and your name will be on an exclusive list of free seats to the Ultimate Wake Up Preview Teleseminar.

Length, grammar, eloquence . . . none of it matters, just put down your thoughts on a recent (or not recent) success.

This act of sharing is another achievement you can add to your list. Let’s see how much positive energy can be generated.

We really look forward to reading your responses.

Look out for next week’s blog. We’ll be discussing the dangerous tilt of life-work-balance scale. Pass on the link and get others involved; it’s an opportunity enrich the world we live in.

To your success!

Drs. Marcelle and Tony, Awakening PotentialsTM.

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